Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday morning started out with a delicious breakfast of pancakes in bed. Duncan really wanted to make me breakfast on my birthday, but I was a little hesitant for him to cook without any adult supervision. So Brett sat in the kitchen while Duncan made pancakes. He did a good job!!

We've put a timer on the Xbox, and Duncan is just itching for more time. I've never had such a cooperative son! He's been willing to do just about anything around the house for more minutes. I'm sure this will be a bit of an annoyance some day, but for now I'm totally enjoying it.

We went to church and Jason went to nursery somewhat painlessly. Usually Brett has to take him in, but I did and he let go of my hand and clung to my friend Virginia. Nice change.

The lesson in Relief Society was about the scriptures. How we need to read them and read them to our family. What peace it brings into our lives. I've been trying to read the Book of Mormon. It goes in spurts but I've read more in the past few weeks, then in a long time. It does help me relax a little. I only can get it in when Jason is busy, but it seems to help my day.

Sacrament Meeting was a bit of a fiasco. The plus side, Brett got to come down to sit with us. That at least helped a little bit. Samantha went to the bathroom 2 times, Tori and Duncan were goofing off, with Jason. Jason tried to escape at least 6 times. Although there was all the craziness, I did actually listen to the speakers. They all did a good job. The youth speaker is a good kid and will be going on a mission within the next year. Kelli, did an awesome job! She is a very sweet person, and I love her. She is AWESOME! Mark, lives down the street from us. He is a really nice guy as well. He's always ready to smile and wave. It was, on a whole, a very pleasant meeting.

Then we went to dinner at Mom's. Three days in a row, with Jason. You should have seen the exhaustion in my Dad's face. We had Stew, and home made Bread. Always a favorite! Even Jason ate. My sister Kristen, will be moving in with my parents soon. They sold their house and will be moving in the next week or so. So we got to play with Mitch and Brock. The boys love Brett! They are both turning out to be AWESOME little men!

The girls are going to Braille camp this morning. I had to be up by 6:50am, how rude! =)

We picked up their new buddy Annie and drove to the carpool. They were so excited to have their canes, they asked Annie where her's was. She smiled and pulled her's out of her backpack. Annie doesn't like to use her cane, but it would be a great benefit for her if she did. Maybe having my girls be sooooo excited about them will help Annie. I hope and pray that our girls will never need to use a cane, Braille, or any of it. However, it doesn't hurt to learn anything! They are going to have a ball!!!

Duncan is downstairs playing on his computer. I really think we need to put a timer on that as well. =)

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