Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yesterday was a work clean and try to stay awake day. I've got to get my day's under control so I'm not up until 2 or 3 every night.

Samantha watched Pippy Long Stockings a couple times while I worked, and Duncan spent most of the day playing Halo. I'm going to hide the Xbox soon. I can't believe how intense he is into playing that stupid game.

Jason was a pretty good boy. He really did a lot on his own without much distruction. He spent quite a bit of time drawing. I've also started freezing the gogurts, and I divided up the raisin bread into sandwich bags. That way hopefully he won't be dragging them around the house and making quite the mess that he usually does.

Jason's friend Paula came over last night. She looked at his hearing test and thought that it looked about the same as last time. Until I advised her that his bad ear was his right ear. Then she really got confused. She said in all of her years working with babies with a hearing loss she has never seen anyone get better in one ear and worse in the other. We are going to try and get his next hearing test before his IEP so that we can have that info when the meeting comes around. Maybe at that point we'll have some clear ears???

We go pick up Tori from Summer camp today. She's had a ball!!!

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