Friday, October 23, 2009

Vision Impaired Students

The girls got to go on a field trip today with the Vision Impaired Students. They are going to the Utah Museum of Natural History to an exhibit that is a touchy feely kind of thing.

I'll have to get more out of the girls when they get home. They were very excited and got to meet some of Marcia's other students. There is one other little girl that is in the girls school, she's in 2nd grade and Tori had this wonderful teacher as well.

Tori helped one of the older students find his cell phone that fell out of his pocket. You should have seen how proud she was to have been such a big help.

I think it's fun that they both got to go. Samantha and Tori are far enough apart in age that they won't have too many of the same experiences for a while. I'm excited that there are some things that they get to share with each other.

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