Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jason's Friend Paula

Paula came to the house to visit with us about Jason. I brought her up to speed about seeing the new Therapist, and what his thoughts are. We had a good talk about starting over from square one. He hasn't wanted to wear his hearing aid for the last few days. I can't tell you how many times I've put the thing back together. So far he hasn't broken it so that's good.

I am a bit teary eyed, because Paula seems to be really upset by this turn of events. It's hard to deal with, especially when other people see the same things I do. Especially when you really don't want to admit that you see them. The speech therapist that visited us last week called Paula to get more background detail on him. She wanted to know if there had been any signs of more going on. Paula was concerned she missed something. Which of course she didn't miss anything that I know of.

She's so sweet, she loves my baby boy. It's amazing how many people love my kids. It's amazing to me how much people want to help my family.

Next week there will be an army at my house to assess my baby and see what he's doing. Paula's going to do all the research that is possible to find out what we need to do to help my boy. She'll be going to Africa in a few weeks so we'll be seeing her every week for a while and then she will be checking in on us through email, my blog, and phone calls.

The other important thing we are going to have to do is start going on dates! Brett and I haven't done much "dating" since we had Duncan. We are going to have to also learn to take care of us and our relationship. This is a stressful time, we need to grow closer not farther apart.

I love my family so much! I am grateful for the support they provide, for our friends, and for people who don't even know us but still want to help my family.


Davin & Alli said...

your kids are great. duncan and tori are so fun in primary, they always know all the words to every song and sing wonderfully!

LutzFam said...

Thanks Alli!! They are definitely a fun bunch of kids!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are beautiful! And they have an amazing mom!!! I'm glad that you have such great support. Good for you guys for taking some time out for you. Let me know if I can ever help in any way!!

LutzFam said...

Jaymie you are so sweet! Thank you!!!