Thursday, September 24, 2009

Does it make me a nerd if I had fun?

Tonight was the first Stake Play rehearsal. It was mainly a bunch of the teenage youth. Brett and I have a little bigger part then I thought. Duncan has a reading part that has quite a bit to memorize for my little man. Tori is bummed because she doesn't have a speaking part. Samantha couldn't sit still for 2 hours, so she will be left with Grandma Siddoway next week.

Brett says he is taking his part as King, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You know, the "Huge Tracks of Land" guy. Me, I'm the Queen of my castle so I'm just playing myself. When the "Director" was helping us with a part she didn't direct Brett or I once. She just picked on the poor little 15 year old with braces, who is supposed to be playing a 27 year old. It's ok. It will work.

Yes, I had fun. It might be because I'm with my family. However, it might be because I'm a cheesy person. Either way, it will be fun.

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