Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Retail Therapy

Does it count as Retail Therapy if you've been planning on it for a while? Does it count if you've been looking through the adds and found a ridiculous deal?

Well, I'm counting it. I feel much better. I was going to sew a quilt, which means I'd have a bedspread in 12 years. I saw this bedding on sale in the adds this week. It was 1/3 of it's regular price. I'm so excited!!! Here's my awesome new bed!!!

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Grandma Debbie said...

You so make me laugh! Looks like great bedding and HEY 1/3 of the go girl. Sewing quilts is for old people who don't have kids at home..wait, I'm old and all my kids are raised and I still don't quilt!!!!Would love to though.