Thursday, September 24, 2009

Talking to Mr. Holmes

Too many posts in one day, I know.......

I called and spoke to Mr. Holmes the kids Principal. He's a good guy!!

I told him that I was concerned about my daughter in her current class and was wondering about a transfer. I explained that Tori has vision problems and has been struggling since the beginning of the school year. I told him about her teacher telling her that she knew Tori probably couldn't see her dictionary because she couldn't see it either. I told him that the kids Nurse Practioners kids went to their school and that as soon as I told her who the teacher was she said, "Get her out of that class." I told him that Tori has started bringing home 42%-50% papers. This isn't like Tori, I can tell she's struggling. I told him that she comes home with a migraine everyday.

I told him that I'm willing to work with whatever he thinks will work out. I said that I will try and get the supplies Tori will need. I will try and stay on top of everything that I can. But, I can't worry about Tori at school. I need a teacher who is willing to pay attention to my girl, and anticipate her needs. She needs a teacher who will say, "What will I need to do for Tori to help her." Instead of waiting for Tori to come up with a solution to the problem. She's 9 years old for heavens sake!

Having said all this, Mr. Holmes is going to speak with Tori's teacher. He is also going to pull her IEP and 504 and have Marcia sit down with her teacher and make sure that Tori's needs are met. If I dont' start seeing a difference in a week I'm to call Mr. Holmes.

Hopefully it will make a difference. I've got enough on my plate lately.

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WX Ences said...

Excellent. I didn't like the last guy, but was optimistic with the new guy, he seemed like he'd do well. I hope he remains pro-active in helping Tori.

On the retail therapy - it definitely counts and feels so good! The bed looks good to, good job to Brett on the headboard!