Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jason's friend Paula

Jason's friend Paula came to our house yesterday. I almost missed her because for some reason I had decided she was coming at 7:00 and not 6:00. We started discusing the Aural/Oral method of communication that will probably be how Jason communicates, eventually. Since he has the unilateral hearing loss he will speak, someday.

She is so accommodating with my family, she's sweet! I'll explain.

My Dad has been so sweet and concerned about my boy since our trip to Yellowstone/Jackson Hole/Bear Lake. That was really our first experience with my Parents alone. Since my family is so close nit we are always together, which for Jason can be a bad thing. He gets overwhelmed with all 5 of our families, and the noise that is created. My sweet parents of course don't deal with this whirlwind on a daily basis, so trying to explain what Jason needs has proved a little bit on the complex side.

My cousin on my Dad's side was adopted from Columbia when he was a baby and proved to have some communication problems. My Aunt and Uncle went through some of the same things that we have been going through with Jason, so my Dad ask Lorraine about his concerns.

So he voiced what he had learned from Lorraine, which by the way isn't much different then what I've been trying to tell him all along. (smile) So I invited them to the session last night with Paula. She is awesome!! She answered their questions, calmed their concerns, and told them how they could help him.

Basically Jason just needs some one on one time. If my folks want to get closer to the little monkey they need to be ALONE with him. I know, this could prove scary considering the liettle booger's track record. But he sat on Papa's lap, and sang songs with Grandma, while Paula was at my house. It was really encouraging.

So we'll see what happens. He is my sweet little baby boy. He makes me smile. I love him for who he is, his sweet personality, and most of the time his energetic ways.

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