Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jason Update

Well.......where to begin.

Jason had a visit from Jean the speech therapist today. He was pretty good......she did pull him out of his comfort zone. She pulled out the "test" and almost immediately put it away. Jason doesn't usually fall within the bounds of "tests".

She basically played with him. Made him take turns. She would hold onto the puzzle piece and not let him have it because it was "stuck". He threw 3 or 4 fits while she was there. She took him and played with him. She did some real physical jumping games which he got a kick out of. She said that he for sure needs more intervention. She also wants to have him seen by an occupational therapist. So that another appointment that I'm going to have to make.

Brett was home between work and a school visit, so he went and picked up Duncan for me and ran him up to a well check. Duncan is doing wonderful! He's 50% in height, and 95% in weight. Which makes me laugh because that seems like a big ball, but Duncan is a solid buff little bugger. No worries with this one.....yet. =)

Then after that was time for Jason's well check. So as soon as I was done with the speech therapist I went up to the doctor too.

That was a really long appt. I handed her the list of things the speech therapist had just given me. Now I have to take Jason to a regular Therapist to see if we can find out if there is anything more to worry about, IE: Autism. Do I think there is something more? No. Do I see signs of something more? Yes. The problem is he's a 2 year old, who can't talk and doesn't want to talk. He's a two year old that is the youngest of 4, who happens to have a hearing loss. He's a two year old that never stops running.

It's the non-eyecontact. It's the anti-social, It's the non-communication that is a problem. One more thing. One more concern.

Do I think he is ok? Yes. Do I think that he will not have problems? No. Am I in denial? Most certainly. Am I in tears? Very Close!!! Lets see what the world will drop on us next.


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