Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today seemed better

Today seemed better for Jason then the last few. I'm not sure why. The kids were home from school. Maybe they pull him out of his own little world more.

He did make eye contact quite a bit, and seemed to kind of enjoy the social environment. He also had a pretty good nap so maybe that was it too.

I have a friend who's daughter is Autistic. I told her it was like Jason had just taken about 10 steps back. She said, "They'll do that. But then one day they will wake up and be 20 steps ahead. So it's kind of a day to day thing." We'll see.

The other thing I'm going to have to do is schedule some quality time with the other kids. Jason has had quite a bit of attention since he was born. Samantha is feeling deprived!!! One step at a time!!!!

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