Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Am I just numb? Or am I OK?

Yesterday's visit to the doctor wasn't really a surprise. I've been fighting Jason for a while now, so it wasn't really a shocker. I had a momentary mental collapse and needed a nap. But that seems to be all that I've needed.

Brett keeps asking me how I'm doing, and I keep saying "Fine". Which he totally doesn't buy. But it's really weird. I'm really calm, and collected today.

I did a bit of a Fast on Sunday. Something I'm not very good about unless there is an emergency. I prayed for help to make it through this week, and be able to function and take care of my family better then I have been. I hope that I'm not just temporarily numb and will wake up to a complete melt down one day. I think it will be OK, and that Jason has a lot of options. I'm optimistic about his future.

We'll see. I am ME after all. If the meltdown does come, it will be fairly expected. =0)

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