Thursday, September 3, 2009

Over 1000 Miles

On our way!!!!

We stopped at my baby sister Leslie's house, who was put on bed rest the week before we left. She was bummed, the girls were bummed, and Jon went to work in the office so that he could have the time off when baby comes. We missed them, but were glad that Leslie was able to keep herself under control, and resting for the time we were gone. Now just for another 15 weeks.........

Bear World in Idaho Falls! The kids had so much fun. We saw lots of animals. They have a petting zoo, with deer and goats, chickens.......Jason loves the chickens!!!!! Duncan was head butted by a baby goat!!!!! I tried to get him head butted again, so I could have a picture, but Duncan didn't like that idea. They had 4 rides too, and Jason wanted to even ride them. In fact he almost succeeded in climbing over the gate to the roller coaster.

Then Yellowstone. It was beautiful. Duncan and Tori loved it. They enjoyed all the sights, the wildlife, the lovely smells. Samantha and Jason were definitely more worn out. At the end of the day Samantha said, "How long until we're out of this place?" We did see Old Faithful go off, it was very impressive. At least it was impressive for the rest of the party, Samantha and I were in the bathroom when it started. We caught the tail-end though.

Then we went to Jackson Hole. This is a trip that my family used to take all the time. We went to Jackson Hole so many times I can't even remember. We stopped at the Teton Mystery House but it wasn't open. I was so bummed!!!! We did go into the studio and get the Old West Photo taken. My Mom is going to scan it into the computer so I'll post it as soon as I can. It is really scary!!!!! Samantha had to go on the stage-coach ride, there was a sign inside that said if you like the ride kiss the horse and tip the driver. She advised me that she didn't like the ride. Then she was confused as to why you would "tip" the driver since pushing was rude.

The final stop was Bear Lake. This has turned into the Child Family Reunion. My Brother-in-Law Chad's family owns this awesome little farm house and all the toys that go with it. They are an awesome family and they let us use their stuff and their house once a year. We love them and their generosity.

Duncan goes crazy up there. He loves the go carts, the fact that we basically stay outside the whole time, the boat, the beach, the time with his Uncles. He looks forward to this every year. This year he learned how to Wake Board and to Wake Surf. He also ran the go-cart into this little shed out on the track. My favorite statement from him was, "I remember the food being much better last year." That tells you about what is important for my son.

Tori loves the lake, loves the go-carts, loves time with her cousins, and she did get up on the Wake Board for about 4-5 seconds. She will probably have it down next year. She also ran the go-cart into something, the fence. It was pretty funny. My favorite statement from her was when she was trying to Wake Board. She said, "I'm having a little trouble here."

Samantha loves to play with the cousins, loves the time with Grandma and Grandpa, loves the beach, the boat, and Uncle Chad got her up on the Wake Surf between his legs. Samantha had so many funny statements I'm not sure I can chose one. The first one I wrote down though was when my Dad wanted to show the kids the Grand Tetons from a distance. He told them we would go and see them up close tomorrow. Sam said, "I've seen 'em once, I don't need to see them again."

Jason loved the boat, the beach, the trampoline, the seagulls, and playing with Mitch. He was so funny, after going on a bit of a crazy go-cart ride with Duncan he wasn't so sure about it anymore. He really likes the "toys" but I think he learned to be a little more cautious of who he was riding with.

As you can see, we are LUCKY to have Uncle Chad!!!! He always makes sure that the kids are able to do what they want. If they want to learn how to wake board, they are going to learn. If they want to play Red Rover, they are going to play. If they want to make Smores, we are going to make Smores. We are so greatful to have Chad and Kris!! They are so awesome and willing to play the "Host". Thanks Chad and Kris!!!!!

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Morgan said...

Wow!! Your trip looks like a lot of fun. I bet you could have slept for a week after you got home.