Friday, April 24, 2009

The Hubby's Back in Town!!!

I'm a bit exhausted. I'm not a good single parent. My husband was in Logan this week and I had to play Mom and Dad for a few days. This morning I woke up to Jason writing with permanent marker on my sheets.

Next Tori came into my room bleary eyed and somewhat incoherent and says, "Mom I need to bring home lunch today because we have our field trip and we're not sure if we will make it home in time to eat school lunch or not."

I jumped out of bed, which usually doesn't happen until at least 8:00am but happened to be 7:15am, threw on some clothes and then started making a sandwich for her. I realized at that point that I don't have sandwich bags. what? So I told Duncan he's in charge while I take 5 minutes and run to the local convenience store to pick up some baggies. The trip is uneventful and I'm able to complete Tori's lunch without any casualties while I'm away.

It's X day at school for Samantha so I grabbed the X-ray we have of Jason from six months ago, after he swallowed a dime and it got lodged in his esophagus. I ran down to the "office" and made a copy for her to bring to school. You know that is the first thing that everyone thinks of on X day, but does everyone have a copy of a real one? Probably not. Especially one that is so blatantly obvious of what is wrong with the poor child whose parents are incompetent and didn't realize that he'd swallowed a dime for, oh...... 3-4 days. Then had to take him to the ER because he hadn't really eaten anything in said 3-4 days. Where they said ummmm......Your son has a coin lodged in his esophogus and we will need to do surgery to remove it because it isn't going anywhere. Ya, I'd say I'm an awesome parent sometimes!!!

Brett got home with around 1:30 pm and Jason was already asleep. Thank Goodness!!!!! It ended up being a pretty uneventful day other then the hour with 10 cub scouts that really wiped me out for the rest of the evening.

Then the dreaded ice cream man started playing that dreaded music as we were walking in the house from dinner. And it has actually gotten quite cold today!!

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Hit 40 said...

The ice cream man leaves our neighborhood alone. It is too small. And we are too cheap! Way more money in the larger neighborhood down the street.

I am lost without my hubby at night. I am out of it around 9pm. The kids are still wide awake and needing stuff until 11. He also handles the mornings off to school because I am already at a school!!!

So... I need him for an hour in the morning and 2 hours at night.