Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mommy Pains

Yesterday was one of those days. Nothing really went wrong, but it just was a nutsy day.

Jason spent the previous day at my bosses house with his wife so that we could get our "office" up and going. He didn't get a nap so he fell asleep at 5:00 pm and didn't wake up until the next day. I was sitting down at my desk yesterday morning and the reminder popped up that it was time for Jason's Well Check....huh? I had to call and double check because I didn't remember this appointment. My boy is huge but not as big as my first 2. He is 97% all over, height, weight and head size. I had to make sure he got a nap yesterday. My boss was upset with me because I spent the day at home, but I need to be taken care of the children. Needless to say he was still tired and was a bit of a trouble maker yesterday.

Samantha is my child that you would think had a hearing loss, instead of the baby. She never does what she is told. She also has already picked up on my guilt complex and knows how to make me feel bad. She, like all kindergarteners, wants mom to come help in class. I obviously am really busy with work right now so I had to tell her that I wouldn't be helping in class today about 20 times. Then she wanted me to come and watch her at dance class. I hate to do this because Jason is so bad when we go there that I might as well have stayed home. However, I went ahead and "watched" her dance. She has learned quite a bit this year.

Tori is doing AWESOME! She never skipped a beat. I had to contain her for 1 more day and you would have thought I was torturing the poor child. She is enjoying her new contact and told me last night that everything is quite clear. She still couldn't read smaller things but she is doing really good!

Duncan is my child of no problems so he is my boy who needs a lot of attention. He has started doing tricks on his bicycle so he's been calling me outside every 10 minutes to check out his new trick.

Well, as I've typed it out yesterday didn't seem like that big of a deal but with work included it just kind of was an overwhelming day. Maybe today will be better!!!!

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