Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Normal Life

Tori lost another tooth last night. That girl pops them out so fast the tooth fairy can't keep up with her. She has a pretty small jaw so as soon as a new grown up tooth starts growing in the next tooth behind it falls out. So she always seems to have a missing tooth. At least the tooth fairy remembered to come to the house last night. =)

This morning I got a phone call from Duncan. He forgot the first paper of his story that he is writing for school. I swear there is always some little thing to start my day off balance. This is another reason I stay home with the kids, even if it is a bit inconvenient. I advised him however, that he owes me one kick to his rear.

The girls have decided that they want to spend "EasterEve" in the toy room, so they have spent most of the day cleaning up. It's been really nice to have the day go by without too much girl drama.

I think that Jason has RSV. I know I'm not a doctor but he's on an antibiotic right now and he's getting really raspy. I'll have to keep on eye on the boy and see if his breathing becomes hindered. He has also turned into quite the biter. He had something in his mouth this morning that he didn't want me to get out so he chomped onto my finger and wouldn't let go. Than, when I was trying to put him in the car to drive Samantha to school he tried to bite my neck. Watch out everyone! This one has his own ideas about things.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think that Jason is a little young to be listening to Twilight stories? :) I hope that he feels better soon. It sounds like all your kids are doing their best to keep you on your toes today! Good luck!