Monday, April 27, 2009

A lesson for my kids

Today my kids ran in from school a little freaked out! A boy was riding his bike out from behind the school and got hit by a truck. I quickly herded them into the front room so that I could talk to them about it to see what happened. I figured I needed to see if there was anything I should do.

Behind the school there is sort of a cul de sac. The only thing that makes it possibly not a cul de sac is that the parking lot of the school empties out through here. So the biking kids always ride out of this. I can not tell you how many times I have told my kids to stay on the sidewalk because I've seen some pretty inattentive parents come through there. But also it's a quick turn with low visibility.

I guess this boy rode down the hill as fast as he could in the middle of the road and got slammed by a full sized truck. My kids happened to walk that way and saw this poor kid sitting on the ground pooling blood from a nasty gash in his arm and he was spitting up blood. Many adults were around him and the ambulance was pulling up. This boy did not have a helmet. I also, learned later this evening that he had been hit by a car before.

I hope that my kids have learned a good lesson from this poor kid. Even if it's just that Mom said not to ride in the street on the way home because she said that we could get hit by a car. And check it out, someone was riding in the road and they did get hit by a car. At least they know that I'm not all full of fluff and I do know a little bit. I'm also praying that this poor kid has no lasting effects from this accident. It sounded pretty nasty. I'm sure that there will be an announcement at school tomorrow so I'll find out if this poor boy is ok.

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