Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Duncan's soccer game

We went to another soccer game. I didn't have to coach so I got some pictures.


Anonymous said...

I love the walking shots. The one of Jason and the other little one and the one with him and is it Tori? (She looks enough taller than him that I am assuming that is which daughter it is...) Such cute pics!

WX Ences said...

I love how most of your 'soccer game' pictures were of Jason getting away! He he he...why I am I so not surprised?!?!

Good action shots though...I need a better camera. Mine sucks.

LutzFam said...

I'm just glad there was a playground!

We've had this camera for a few years now but I think we spent a good $300.00 on it when we bought it. I love it though. It definitely works for anything I want it to do.