Thursday, April 23, 2009

Duncan's 4th Grade Program

(Sorry, low lighting bad camera)
Duncan had his 4th grade program today and he did a really good job. He was one of the few kids that knew every word to every song, as well as the sign language. The boy has a knack for remembering music. He loves to sing and he loves to perform. They had a group of kids sing the verses of one song while the rest of the 4th grade sang the chorus, Duncan got to be part of the group. You can definitely hear him over the rest of the 6-10 kids, and he made sure they were almost as loud as the whole 4th grade!!!

Unfortunately my nice camera that zooms really well takes a ton of memory for video and so I used the flip video which doesn't zoom much at all. Duncan is way in the back, but you can sure hear him from time to time!!

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