Thursday, April 23, 2009

Duncan Scores!!

Duncan had his first soccer game of the season. They played AWESOME!! Last year our boys were slammed and I don't think they won one game. But the program we are in wants all the boys to succeed so they have the boys mainly playing against the recreation circuit. Brett and I were excited by this because we won't have to do much traveling this season!!!

Duncan played quite hard, and he actually kept running. He has a bit of a problem with this part of the sport. LOL!!! He's a tough kid and just keeps going!! He has some pretty good foot skills and gets a lot of satisfaction dribbling around people. He scored 2 goals, and they won 4-2.

They have this cute little guy named Josh who has been struggling a little bit because he is a bigger kid. He likes to play defense and has a natural gift for it. He decided to help me out and play goalie and he rocked!! The boys themselves after the game said that they wanted to give Josh a cheer for his job well done. It was awesome!!! I love my boy, he was one of the instigators of this. I'm so happy that he is pays attention enough to those around him to point out the good things in others.

My husband is out of town this week, so of course I had to coach, what the heck? I showed up and one of the mother's was already annoyed at the situation. I actually don't mind coaching the game, but I HATE dealing with crazy parents. The sad thing is the kid who belongs to this mother is one of those kids that picks the grass and probably doesn't really want to play the game. But, Mom is going to come and make a big fuss about everything.

We are part of Bantam which is a pre-competition league. There are 6 teams that practice as a big group and run drills with 80 kids instead of 11. They have professional coaches come and teach the boys different skills and move them around to help improve the skills that come most naturally to them. She's upset because they changed the teams in the middle of the year. She said that her kid is really upset by the change. I told her I told her my son has no problem with it because when we told him about the Bantam program we explained fully to him what it would mean for him as far as commitment and how they run their program. I said, "It all depends on how you present it to your child." Then she said, "Well he had a friend on our team so he's sad to not be playing with him anymore." Which I responded, "They are preparing them for competition and there are no buddies in competition. Besides if they have been coming to the Bantam training sessions they should have known everyone and have started relationships there." But really it all came down to Momma's dissapointment. She said, "Well, they were in our ward so we could carpool."

I understand this problem more then anyone, but you shouldn't go into any program without knowing what you are getting yourself into....Oh well. Brett should be home next week!!!!!

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LutzFam said...

We did too win. We beat Rick's team in the first game of the season.