Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eye Appointments

I drove out to the Moran Eye Center again today with Tori, Samantha, and Jason. Tori needed a new contact so I had to run out there and get her a new one. I love how ornery old people are with children. I'm struggling to keep Jason happy and I hear this older woman on her phone say, "Ya, I'm at the doctor's and it's REALLY LOUD here." I seriously wanted to turn around and say, "My baby has a hearing loss I'm thrilled he wants to talk at all!!!" But, I didn't so now I'm sharing it with you. =)

Tori has a new contact and they will be sending me a 6 month supply so hopefully we won't have this run in for a while.

I just had to light the furnace, which always makes me happy when it's SNOWING!!!! It's done pretty good this year, I haven't had to relight the thing as much as last year but, I hate how you just don't know the thing is even out until your fingers are frozen stiff!!


Hit 40 said...

You can buy a cell phone jammer on ebay :-) Not saying I own one. It is illegal to turn it on.

LutzFam said...

I actually know someone who has one of those....hmmmmm. I just wish they weren't so rude!!! It's a free country, I can take my daughter to the doctor if I want to....=P