Friday, April 3, 2009

Tori update

I took Tori to the eye doctor this morning. Boy was that a lot of fun. Samantha and Jason had to come with so that alone made the journey 10 times harder. We got to the eye doctor about 8:15 am and had the dirty looks start from the old people. They just love seeing a bunch of kids show up to the doctor with there mother. They automatically assume that I am the one with the appointment. Jason had a stinky diaper so I said, "Tori listen for your name, I've got to go and change your brother." Then all the old people settled down a bit. We waited a while trying to subdue the whirlwind that is Jason.

Finally they called Tori's name and we were off to the back. They gave her eye drops, tested the pressure (which she hates by the way), and they checked her vision. Right now she is seeing about 20/50 without her glasses. This is awesome! Dr. Bernstein came in very quickly. He had to catch a plane to Chicago. He looked at her retina's they look fabulous and then said it was time to remove the stitch that was in her eye.

Tori has been dreading this all week. She started freaking out, she actually said a quick prayer in the chair. They had to get all the stuff together that they would need so she had to wait a few minutes. I took Jason and Samantha out in the hall to do a little walking while she waited and she looked terrified. I made her come out with me so I could hold her while we walked.

Dr. Bernstein came back in and the time had arrived. They numbed her eyes really well and then said "OK, we are going to put this in your eye so that you can't blink. Then I'm going to take this poky thing and clip the stitch that's in your eye. Then I'm going to take these poky tweezers and pull out the stitch." OK not exactly that wording but close. She flipped. I had to take her by the back of the neck and push her into the chin rest. The doctor offered to let the nurses do this, but I know how tough my girl is. She strong, and they would try to be too nice, and it would just scare her more because it would take longer. He put the bracer in and she flipped some more. She wouldn't stop trying to close her eye so eventually the bracer was trying to make her eye wider instead of taller. She sat still even though she was terrified. She kept herself as calm as she could and all is well, the stitch is out. The only thing that even remotely went wrong is that her eye is sore form the bracer stretching her eye the wrong way.

We have another appointment in three weeks. Then we will probably set another appointment to laser the artificial lens so that she will be able to see 20/20. Yay!!! Hopefully there will be no more trauma!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's so great that her vision is so much better. I'm glad that both of you survived her getting the stitch out! (Who can blame her for freaking out? I'd be screaming too!)