Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Late nights....

I was up til 1:30am reading the 4th Fablehaven book! I love these books, because I can actually finish them. With how crazy my life is, finishing a book is a hard thing to accomplish. So I've started looking for young reader books that grab my fancy and then take 4 weeks to read the darn things. I highly recommend the Fablehaven books, they are fun and easy to read.

Now with that, I woke up looking at my cute sleeping baby in the middle of my bed and listened to the other 3 playing with the toys the Easter Bunny brought them. In the back of my mind I was thinking, "They should be getting ready for school, but Jason is still asleep so it can't be too late." Boy was I wrong! Jason finally sat up and greeted the world with his sweet smile and as I sat up I spyed the clock and it was 8:30am. The kids were late for school. Duncan was dressed and ready to go, but Tori still needed her mass of hair brushed and her contact put in.

I think that Duncan had decided it was his turn to stay home, because he told me he had a soar throat. I advised him that he could stay home, but that he would babysit while I worked, take a nap, not go to karate, and not play with any friends. He went to school. However I had to check the monkey's in because they were so late. So on the check-in slip where it says "reason for late" I put "Goofing off". You should have seen the look on his face. Priceless.

There also was another reason for my being a stay at home mom today. Tori called me about 1:45 pm and said her contact fell out. So I loaded up Jason and the contact solution and ran over to the school. I get over there and her contact is drying up. I soaked it with solution over and over but the edges stayed crinkled. I put it in but she said it was hurting, so I had to run home again. I had to get her glasses with one lens missing since her prescription is a huge difference then before, and the contact case. In between all this I had to call the Moran Eye Center for the 15th time to try and get her in to see Dr. Vincent the contact specialist who's office has not been helpful in getting Tori another contact. So I yelled and threw a fit, and they have finally gotten her an appointment for tomorrow morning.

I then was late for Jason's audiology appointment to get his ear mold redone. He was a pill, I was frazzled and I'm sure the audiologist thinks I'm a complete moron!!! Oh well, the things got done today that needed to get done.


Hit 40 said...

We are both having a bad day. My oven appears to still be broke

LutzFam said...

That's no fun!!! I'm not a fan of cooking, but we all have to eat!!!

Brett Lutz said...

I thought you married me so I could do the cooking. And if you're a fan of me, which I hope you are, doesn't that in turn make you a fan of cooking?

Just wondering.

LutzFam said...

How about I'm not a fan of Cooking the food myself. Does that work?