Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm still getting used to the new schedule. I'm not sure how long it will take. I never would have thought that I would miss the kids as much as I do. REALLY WEIRD!!

As soon as the kids got home from school the tinkling that I dread was heard. Tori asked if she could go meet the Ice Cream Man. I had no cash, but she had done some babysitting for Kristen this summer so she had some money. I told her this might cause some issues with her brother and sister so hurry up and get her ice cream. Immediately Samantha was out asking if she could have some ice cream. I told her I didn't have any cash, but she saw Tori outside. She ran out and asked Tori if she could buy her some ice cream too. My sweet Tori didn't hesitate, and got her little sister a treat. What a sweet girl I have!!

We went to back to school night and met all the kids teachers. I'm excited for the new year. I think the kids have some pretty good teachers. Brett went in to Duncan's class room so I can't tell you exactly what his class will be like but Brett seems very pleased with his teacher. Tori's teacher already loves her. She says she is well liked by everyone, and she is very helpful. She told the teacher she knows the state capitols from an Animaniacs song and her teacher wants her to teach the class. She will also be teaching her class about Braille again this year. Samantha has the same teacher that Tori had in 2nd grade. She is the loviest teacher I've ever seen. Samantha comes home everyday with something new to tell me. She will have a good year.

I have volunteered to walk with the Duncan and Tori's classes. They don't have a first recess so the teachers have the class go walk the track everyday. I figure I can strap Jason in a stroller and walk with the kids, volunteering to help in the classroom won't be easy with him. I don't want to use all my pre-school time volunteering, but if I need to do it once a week with Samantha's class I will.

I went and picked up some dinner for Brett and I after the kids went to bed. (Yes we did feed them, but they wanted McDonalds). I saw the temple in all it's glory and wanted to get a picture of it. My small camera doesn't do it justice. It was such a beautiful sight!
I got home and was looking at the night sky, and saw my first shooting star! It was amazing! I was in shock, I looked around wondering if anyone else was around to spot it. I of course was alone, so it was just me. It was so cool! It almost brought me to tears. It was beautiful, and so unexpected.

I went inside the house to my sweet boys. I thought they were both so cute, so I had to take a picture.

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