Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Jean Delangelo cam today. She played with Jason a little, but he was really strung up. She did bring the contact paper art. Jason loves this. He has to empty the whole cup. I think we will be doing this at Bear Lake, with nature stuff. I think it will be an activity that Jason REALLY enjoys.

She did say that at Jason's IEP they will be talking about a early 3 year old class, that is only 2 days a week for 1 1/2 hours. The problem for me is it's in Kaysville. Now, if this will be beneficial for Jason GREAT! I will do what it takes, but Jean thinks that Jason might improve faster with the 4 days a week preschool at Bountiful Elementary. Brett and I will have to discuss the pros and cons when we learn more.

Sam took my camera and was goofing off. I thought this one actually turned out pretty well.

This one was kind of cute as well.

Sam struggled a little with the attention Jason got from Jean. So I told her if she would be good, and let Jean work with Jason I would go on a walk with her after dinner. She just chattered away. Some Mommy and Me time is essential.

Duncan spent all day with Curtis. They had a sleepover at our house and then they went to work on Curtis's family farm at 8:30am. He came home at lunch for a minute and then went back to help fix the fences. He quite enjoyed his physical labor day.The kids also got their teacher assignments. I think they did pretty good. Samantha has Mrs. Morby, Tori had her in 2nd grade and loved her to pieces. Tori has Miss Morris, I don't know who she is but Duncan says she's pretty nice. Then Duncan has Mrs. Jordan she will be teaching the 6th/5th grade split class. I think this means my boy is a pretty good kid and they are ok with him having to be responsible for some of his own time. We'll see how that goes.

Well back to the old grind stone!


sidskids said...


Thanks again for inputting all this info onto your blog. You will never know how much it has helped me while we have been out here. If you need to take Jason to Kaysville and can do it until we get home we will be more than glad to help out.

LutzFam said...

Thank you Janice!! If I need to take him to Kaysville I will. However, I spoke with the district Nurse today, and she said something about driving to Bountiful Elementary. I think it would be VERY beneficial for Jason to have 4 days a week. But again that's just my initial thoughts on the matter. If the other program seems better we'll do that too.....whatever it takes!!