Monday, August 23, 2010


Sunday I got up at a normal hour, got ready for church, and tried to catch up on a little work. The kids did well and got themselves ready for the most part.

Our lesson in Relief Society was on the Conference Talk The Power of the Priesthood by Pres. Boyd K. Packer. Kathy always does such an amazing job, it was a lovely lesson.

The kids were pretty good in Sacrament meeting. Jason was himself, but for fifteen minutes or so he read books. It was the most relaxing meeting I've had for a long time unless Jason wasn't there of he was asleep.

We came home and had dinner, and then went up to my folks house for a bit. Then we came home early and Brett gave the kids a Father's Blessing for the first day of school! He went in order, and Samantha said Jason would be last. So when Jason was sitting still after Sam's turn, Brett gave him a blessing too. My sweet Duncan was trying to hold back the tears as his Dad bless his brother. He really does like his little brother.

The kids went to bed and I hemmed Duncan's pants by hand. My fingers are still sore. But I think I had a pretty even stitch. So much that I took pictures. =)


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