Thursday, August 12, 2010


Jason's friend Paula came today and we discussed the next few meetings, that will really end up being his transition meetings. Jason grabbed a pen while she was here and Paula started to try and get involved. She drew a face and then said, lets do it again. She drew the circle then one eye. He colored over the eye. Paula said, color the other eye now. Jason drew the another line right where the other eye should be. Paula said, "Good, now draw it's nose." He drew a circle where the nose should be. Paula and I made eye contact and she said, "Ok, now draw the mouth." Jason drew a mouth. Then he drew a shape for the body. He appeared to be done, but Paula continued to help him draw arms and legs. I'm so excited!!!!

Jason has been digging his room the last couple of days. Of course so have the girls, but that's another story. He looked like he was going to fall asleep in there so I had Brett grab his mattress and we tucked him in. He did fall asleep in there and was out for about 1 hour. He is now in my bed but maybe it's a start.
He also has this new swing in his room. My mother has one just like it at her house, only it's larger. He could sit in it all day!!

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