Sunday, August 8, 2010


We started out the day going to my cousin Lisa's ward. They were blessing their sweet little boy Gabe. He looks just like his Daddy.

Then after church we decided to head up to Brett's Dad's house. We haven't seen the In-Laws in quite some time, so it was fun to get together. We advised the kids on the way up that Grandpa might not have the motorcycles running, and they were threatened with their freedom to not ask Grandpa about them. Of course Grandpa being the big kid that he is, asked the kids if they wanted to ride. They had a ball!

Even Jason took to them eventually.

I love this picture. I sneaked around the front to check on Jason, and they were picking flowers.

Duncan took this picture. I really like it!!!

Jason was "trying" to climb on the van, and Brett told the story about Jason scaling the car in under 5 minutes. He did it under 2 this time. Once he got on the hood it was all over!!!
Well, you can definitely see some resemblance. =)
This is some fun video of the driving. Blair taught both Duncan and Tori to ride the 3 wheeler. Nice! I can't believe they are that old!!!! Well maybe they really aren't old enough, but they got it!

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