Thursday, August 26, 2010


Jason and I had an appointment yesterday with the people at the Early Learning Center for his assessment into preschool. We hung out and Jason played in their waiting room for a minute. Karen, who was in charge of the meeting, came into introduce herself. She of course had a lot of paper work on Jason already, but she watched him for a few minutes and wanted to talk to me about some different options to assess him with. She wanted to know if we had an official diagnosis of Autism yet. We haven't gotten one at this point, because we just want to do whats best for Jason. She said, it really didn't matter as far as the assistance he would get with the district, but there are some state benefits that we, as a family, would be able to get with that official diagnosis. Something to think about for sure.

Then we went into a room with a "Team" of women who assessed Jason. There was an O.T., Audiologist, Speech therapist, and Karen. The O.T. played with Jason, to see his motor skills as well as his sensory needs. The Audiologist asked about his previous testing, and what we feel his needs will be in the future for his hearing loss. Karen ask a slew of questions, about Jason's behavior, and the speech therapist ask a slew of questions about his communication. The "Team" has decided the best place for Jason will be Bountiful Elementary in a closed classroom it will be 2 1/2 hours a day, 4 days a week. There are more adults per child in this class then in any other. Which with Jason is a MUST! More is better, and Jason will do better with the structure of 4 days a week, rather then just 2. His official IEP will be on September 15th, so we will know more at that point.

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