Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 1st

Saturday was crazy!!! Brett had soccer practice, and I had to do the shopping. When I got home I had to hurry and get ready to go out to eat with the sister-in-laws. Brett's cousin is getting married, so there was a wedding shower to go to. Lunch was fun! It's always good to get together and just plain enjoy each others company. Baby Anne was there and slept through most of the noise. She is such a precious tiny little thing.

The shower was also nice! I got to see Aunts that I don't usually run into. Suzy was the Mother of the Groom and she was excited to be there. I talked to Bobsie, and Kris about Dick and Janice. They were both excited to hear how they were doing. Stephanie, one of Brett's many cousins is pregnant again. (Threw that tidbit of information in for Janice.)

Then I had to run home and help cook for the missionaries. It seems like the ward mission leaders are always trying to get people to feed them, so I sign up. The kids ALWAYS enjoy it though!!!

Jason was done socializing so he was just running back and forth in the front room.
Duncan had to show off his computer again. He thinks he's hot stuff.
This is the kids reenactment of a Blue vs. Red bit for the missionaries. Funny thing is, both of these missionaries knew it and joined along most of the time. =)

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