Friday, August 20, 2010

Bear Lake 2010 (post number 1)


We got up to The Farm at about 4:00 pm. I don't think we've ever made such good time. The kids were excited to be there, and hang out.
Brett threw his shoe at Duncan. He must take after his Mother.
Duncan took the camera up to the new tree house.
Brett taught me how to ride the automatic four wheeler. I know, it wasn't too hard to learn. They are rather fun though.
Jason and Mitch having fun on the swing set.
Jason enjoyed being outside all day!
I took a ton of video this time, so I've divided them into days.


Tori played with Jason while she patiently waited for us to be ready for the beach.
Jason in the swing set again!
Brett and Jon were such givers. They rode in the back of the truck so they could drive the Jet ski's over to the beach. They are such giving men don't you think?
The girls ran out to the water as soon as we got there.
Duncan, Curtis, and Jason got in as well.
Jason enjoyed the water, until he got to stinking cold.
Grandpa drove the jet ski and pulled the kids behind him.
Brett again was so sweet and took Jason on the jet ski.
Being crazy and getting out on the tube with my kids. They all enjoyed themselves.
Tori and Duncan dove off the boat every chance they got.
Jason liked the boat so much he fell asleep!!
Kristen dumped Chad and her 1 year old off the back of the tube on take off. Brock was more upset that the tube was leaving him, then that he was in the water.

All the kids except Hallie wanted to go faster!!
I love this picture. This just shows you what my Sam is like!!


Going to the lake. Love that they actually like each other.
Jason loves the boat, but he doesn't like the cold so much.
Daddy and Jason.
Swimming in the lake.
Duncan thinks he's hot stuff!!
Jason darted up to the front of the boat, and I panicked and sent Duncan up there with him. Jason just wanted to lay down, so Duncan joined him.
Jason was done, so Daddy got him out.
Tori holding up the flag.
This is how we tried to get Tori up on the Wakeboard
Brett tried it too.
Duncan and Curtis in the kayaks.
My Dad was impressed that the grandkids were out in the paddle boat all by themselves. Yes they are getting pretty big.
Jason enjoyed playing with Uncle John. He had a bucket that was shaped like a brick and was helping him fill it up.
Jason did get tired of everyone and spent a bit of time in the RV.

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