Friday, August 20, 2010

Bear Lake 2010 (post number 2)

Once again, Brett was so selfless!! He followed the boat and waited for someone to be ready to be shuttled to shore.
More jumping out of the boat.
I think Tori would be in the water all day!

Samantha was so excited to go Wake Surfing with Uncle Chad.

Kacie fell asleep sitting all by herself, so Duncan was my sweet boy and put his arm around her so she had someone to lean on.
Leslie brought her camera and her tripod so we could get a family picture taken. Curtis got to take the picture. My Dad picked out this lovely swampy area to have the picture taken, so in order to get Jason to the location Brett put Jason on his shoulders. As soon as he was up there, he flipped upside down. I am convinced he thinks this is the right way to be carried on someones shoulders.
This was the only picture I wasn't in. Let me tell you there is nothing more difficult then to get this group of boys to cooperate. It took the longest to get a good picture, because the boys wouldn't behave! They are all kind of cute though.
We went to The Bear Cave to get ice cream after the pictures. They were closing but saw the size of our group and decided to stay open just for a minute longer. Ice cream is always a good thing!!
Tori is a cheese monkey for the camera.


We made T-shirts with tape and bleach. You could use vinyl lettering or pictures, but we were being cheep. The men got more into this craft then I'd have ever thought possible. They spent so long on the t-shirts they got to make, I thought the craft time would never end.

I ran to get something out of our Hut, and Traci had Jason on their 4-wheeler. He really likes those machines.
This isn't quite as dangerous as it looks. =)
We hiked to Bloomington Lake. All the kids did really well!!
Even Jason! He enjoys following trails. We didn't have to carry him once!!!!
Tori found some pretty wild flowers.
More hiking.....
More hiking.....
Beautiful though!!!
The water was cold, but on our sunburned skin, it was lovely!!

Curtis was probably the only smart one in the bunch. He just watched all the crazy people.

Love my girls!!!
This was the entrance to our Hut! It's a shed in the backyard. It was quite cozy, and we could lock the door so Jason didn't wander off.
Playing with the cousins.
Chad let Brett ride his motorcycle. I could see his blood pumping from across the field.

Playing with Daddy
Trampoline warfare.
Jason figured out how to open the Hut, and would go into it for some alone time!
Samantha loved Max and Olivia's puppy. Isn't he a doll!!
Beautiful sunset. I found a feature on my camera marked as sunset. It really works. =)
We tried to sneak the kids into Grandma and Grandpas trailer for a sleep over. The caught us. =(


This is our nice little hut.

Samantha wasn't ready to leave. Just too much fun!!
Mitch is so sweet with Jason. He tries to get him to play with him, all the time. Hopefully he doesn't give up too soon.
Cleaning the boat.
Grandpa was a bit out of control with the hose.
My good boys clean the Jet skis. They helped out quite a bit this trip!!
Playing pirate in the tree house.
I can't tell you how much time Brett spent pushing Jason. He's such a sweat guy.

If we couldn't find the boys, they were upstairs playing on the X-box. What's new?
Brett brought his hand gun up with him, and we went up to the Lowrance/Child property to do some shooting.

This was our target. Duncan was most impressed when his Dad shot of the cap.
Grandpa took Duncan up to the top of the ridge so he could get a picture of the lake.
Watching Blue's Clues in the car. Aren't they stinking cute?
The Annual cry fest. I think Curtis even shed a little tear.
Stopping at La Beau's for raspberry shakes before we head on home.

Ya he is a bit weird sometimes.
The crowd waiting for their food.
Logan Temple from the car on the way home.
Jason was VERY glad to get home and get back in his own swing.

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sidskids said...

Brett and Mel,

Thank you so much for the pictures and letting us enjoy your trip to Bear Lake. I am jealous though it looks so fun. Mom