Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday was pretty busy. Of course, I had Jason's Assessment in the morning. That took a good 2 hours.

Then I got home and had to start dinner because we were having the Sister Missionaries over for dinner. One of my friends had signed up to feed them and she has been ill all week. So she called me to ask if we could take it over. The sisters were quite sweet. They always bring such a spirit into our home.

As soon as dinner was done, we had to send Duncan out the door to Scouts. It was Court of Honor night, and they needed to help set up.

Duncan had to lead the troop in the Scout Law. Let me tell you, he looks so tiny surrounded by all those big boys.

Duncan was awarded with his first Merit Badge. He received the Pathfinder Merit Badge, which is one they just brought out of retirement.
This is what the Merit Badge looks like. I will need to get him a sash to sew it on.
Then they got to experience something that doesn't happen very often. They got to retire some flags. Our Scout Troop does a fund raiser where they put up flags in front of homes for Holidays. Some of them had become very worn. There was even one that had been flying above our church, and it was quite faded. The boys each got to take a flag and reverently place it on the fire. They were all quite solemn and humbled by this experience. They were able to keep the grommets from the flags, so they had a remembrance of the event.

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