Friday, August 20, 2010

August 14th, Our 14th Anniversary

Brett and I were married 14 years ago on the 14th. WEIRD!!! So here are 14 things I remember about that day.....

1. I slept until 10am!
2. Brett and I had a very peaceful, relaxing wait for our ceremony. Then the cute matron came over to us and told us that our sealer was late, and would be there any minute. We were doing wonderful, although I don't think the huge amount of people waiting in the Sealing room were very happy. =)
3. Looking at my hubby over the alter, and knowing how much I loved him.
4. My Mother helping me into my wedding dress after the ceremony was finished, and my sister fixing my hair in the temple foyer.
5. Having my Mother tell me it was OK, to ride with my new husband now. I didn't have to ride with them to the wedding breakfast.
6. Running late for my own reception! So me!!!!
7. Feeling like we had the biggest pile of gifts at a wedding I've ever seen!
8. Having the line up of guests never stop!!!
9. My grandmother insisting we cut the cake and I serve her a piece, before we left. We cut the cake took a bite, I tossed the bouquet and then we ran back into the house to change our clothes.
10. Having my brother whisper something in my ear that shall not be repeated here. And smiling because it was already taken care of.
11. Being surrounded by family and friends as we ran out the door to our honey moon.
12. Knowing that Brett loved me for me. Everything about me.
13. Feeling like we were starting something exciting and new.
14. Knowing I will be with my special someone for time and all eternity!

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