Friday, August 20, 2010

August 14th & 15th , Scout Hike

Duncan got to go on a 20 mile hike on the 15th. The spent the night in a cabin that is owned by one of our ward members.
They really had it tough as far as camping goes.
However, the hiked from the cabin, again in Farmington canyon, Home. Our church was exactly 20 miles for the boys. Brett was the support vehicle. He would drive a couple miles set up chairs and get water ready for the boys. Then drive ahead another couple miles. It took them until about 5:00 pm to get home.

Brett had a lot of time to take pictures. It looks like a very beautiful hike!

Brett's cousin Gary is the Scout Master. He walked the full 20 miles with the boys. He rocks!!!! I think he was about dead when they got home though. Duncan is in blue. He literally walked all the way home. When Brett had to wait for parents to come pick up their kids, Duncan just walked the block and a half from the church.

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