Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Duncan went camping

Duncan is home from his camp out with Curtis and his family. He was happy to be home. He loved every minute of it though.

He said that he was humbled on this trip though, because he lost his cup and he "had" to drink out of the stream. The first thing he did when he got home was get a drink out of the tap. Hopefully he doesn't get sick.

He is telling me about his trip right now. I'm typing as fast as my fingers will let me.

Guns he got to shoot; 22, almost shot a 7 mag, 22 pistol, Les's police hand gun.

He saw an Elk, and two Moose. Thankfully this was from the Truck.

There was a nice rope swing, that they got to play on.

Les taught him some good camping tips. Always change clothes before bed, sweaty clothes will make you cold. Always sleep with head uphill.

Played cards, give and take, and blackjack.

That's all he can recall. =)

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