Friday, August 6, 2010


Max and Olivia spent the night last night. The kids really enjoyed having their cousins over.

This is Olivia asking the girl if that was an Apricot tree????
Max came running upstairs, and said. "Duncan you have real swords!! And, I LOVE your BB gun!!" So I advised Duncan I had some old cans he could shoot at. It was very cute.

The kids slept in Jason's room. I figured they wouldn't want to sleep downstairs in a house they hadn't really been in before. Also Jason doesn't have a bed in his room right now so it definitely has more open space.
Jason wouldn't go to sleep so we let him roam the house with the kids being awake. When the kids all got up to get a drink, I checked on Jason and he was out.
Max was the last one to fall asleep. He said, "I dont' sleep!" So I laid down next to him, put my arm around him and watched a little of UP. At 1:00am he fell asleep. So I got a picture of the crowd.

Duncan just had a lesson in gun safety from Les our neighbor, up camping. So he was explaining all the details to Max. I had to film it.


sidskids said...

Doesn't look like Max was really interested in the instruction. Does this car run? What are you going to do with it?

LutzFam said...

No Max just wanted to shoot the gun. Duncan wanted to make sure things were done properly.

Yes the car runs. It just has a failed top coat, and needs new struts. It will eventually need to have the air conditioner recharged but that won't be necessary until Brett and Duncan are through with it. They will have a lot of fun. Brett has already bought a how-to paint your car book. =)