Monday, October 19, 2009

Tori should be getting Transfered!!

I went and spoke with Mr. Holmes today. He is AWESOME!!! I think I love him!!!!

I didn't have an appointment, I just ran over and asked if he was available. He had me come into his office, yes I was in the principals office. =)

I told him my concerns, how Tori is sitting in the back of the room again. How she is sitting next to a boy that followed her around last year after her first retinal surgery and smacked her on the back of the head and told her he was going to make her go blind. How she is completely intimidated by this teacher, and doesn't know how to express her concerns.

I said, "Tori is going to have self esteem problems anyway, I don't need Teacher Induced self esteem problems."

Tori needs a teacher who she feels comfortable enough to talk to, so she will speak up when there is a concern for her. Tori needs a teacher that will WANT to help my daughter.

I advised Mr. Holmes that we have a lot going on at home. I can't worry about Tori at school.

He was very understanding, he knew the concerns with this particular teacher. He told me about the other teacher that has room in her class, and the personality that Tori will have to deal with there. I'm hopeful that she will have a better experience, and that Tori knows that we will do whatever it takes to help her with her problems and concerns.

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Becky said...

Good for you, mom! Tori, hold your head high - you are incredible.