Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Jason is sick.

Yes, I know this is bad news. He isn't quite himself today.

The good news is, that he's sick. He has 2 ear infections and the flu. Whew.....that may very well be why he has been an abnormally terrible sleeper this week. I'm really sorry if my kids have been around you recently. Hopefully we will be able to contain it and keep it away from everyone else.


gaz said...

i'm sorry to hear your little one is poorly.
ear infections were the bane of our life with ruben for about 18 months. he was getting one every 2 weeks in alternate ears. he's been left with a permanent perforation in his left one.
i hope he gets well soon.

Grandma Debbie said...

Sickness is all around us and our kids. I see so much at work that I come home and want to fumegate my house. Keep sanitizer around for the kids and use it. Take sanitizer wipes to the stores and wipe down the shopping carts handle before your toddlers sit in it. And most of all ...keep them out of the primary nursery as much as possible :( No kidding! Hope he gets better soon.