Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Today was quite the Halloween. We carved our pumpkins that we grew in the front yard. The kids pretty much carved there own this year. It was a lot of fun.

Samantha and Brett's Jack-o-latterns.
Mine, very traditional.
Mine is in the back. Tori's, Duncan's and Jason/Curtis' are in the front.
Samantha was very proud of her pumpkin.So was Tori.Brett lighting the pumpkins.
Then we went to a trunk or treat that was put on by Grandma Siddoway's Ward. The kids had a ball! Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway always have hot dogs at the trunk or treat so we run by there and have a little dinner. Then we stop by Grandma and Grandpa Child's house for a bit of Chili, so that I will eat dinner. Duncan=Death, Samantha=Cat or Cheetah, Tori=Witch, Jason=Devil, Brett=himself in his shirt and kilt that he made himself.Jason hated his costume. This was taken at our Ward trunk-or-treat the night before and he tried to get his hat off the whole time. He also tried to take his wings off and ended up chasing them in a circle like a dog chasing his tail. Way cute!!!Samantha was thrilled with her cotton candy.

Then we went home and the trick-or-treating began. Duncan took off and went with his buddy. I think they ran to every house they could possibly see. Then I took the girls out while Brett stayed home and gave out candy. Jason was uninterested in trick-or-treating so he stayed home with Daddy. We went a different route this year, and went looking for a spooky house that Duncan told us about the year before. I kept asking the girls at every corner if they still wanted to keep looking. To which came the immediate response to the affirmative. We almost gave up, until I heard someone scream and I knew we were close. We walked around the corner and Samantha said, "Ok, I'm a little freaked out now." After all that work I made them go up and get the treat from the girl dressed in the spooky clown costume. I guess this guy goes all out every year and adds more and more as he goes. It was awesome! I have no idea who they are but I really appreciated his efforts. We started on our trek home and Tori said, "Now I really wish I hadn't wanted to see it so bad." LOL!!! I even made Brett go back to the house and take pictures for me. Then when Duncan got home Brett had to take him back there as well because his buddy's had already gone and seen the house this year.
We had a fun safe year, and I can't believe Halloween is already over. We actually weighed the kids bags and we now have a combined total of 20lbs of candy. YUK!! I'm going to have to slowly throw some of it away. They are going to be sick!!!!

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