Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What to do.....

My poor Tori is so wasted tonight. She had that wonderful field trip on Friday, and had quite a bit of homework to make up. Unfortunately most of her homework is rewriting things. Grammar is not my strong suite but we have been working through them as they come.

She told me that her teachers motto is, "Do it nice or do it twice." Then she says, "I spend a lot of time doing it twice. It's just so hard to keep up with everyone else, and then I'm just sloppy. "

My poor girl can't see! I'm really considering adding no grading handwriting to her IEP. She is so tired and so stressed out. This is not a good time for my sweet girl. I guess I get to go see Principal Holmes again, and possibly get a little ornery with him.

Those of you who know me personally are going to think this isn't going to be that big of a deal for me. Yes, I am a very ornery woman. However, going into the office multiple times and having to start yelling and screaming isn't something that makes me happy. I really don't want to do this. I really don't want to be that parent that makes the teachers and Principal cringe when I walk in the door. I really want to be the parent that is so sweet and kind that the staff wants to do anything for me or my kids.

Well, obviously that's not going to happen. Cross your fingers for me.


Jill said...

I'd say get the handwriting on there ASAP! Every child is entitled to a "free and appropriate education" and your sweet Tori is not receiving an appropriate education. Unfortunately, it may be time for you to begin due process as given to you in your IEP meetings and be prepared to request mediation if this is not resolved quickly. You can be tough as nails but nice at the same time. You could just start by asking for a new copy of that paperwork, so he knows you're thinking about it without you aggressively stating it. I'm sending a hug for you and Tori!

michelle said...

Melanie, I am love reading your blog! You are so honest and heart felt with all of your posts! My advice is stick with it! Of course no one wants to be "that mom" that exacts change but you are your child's best advocate so do whatever you need to! I agree with Jill! Try to do things as professionally as possible but let them know you are not messing around! Investigate the proper channels to go through if the principal won't help!