Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Migraine City

I think my body is rejecting the amount of stress piled on it lately. Too much, is too much. I'm trying really hard to stay on top of everything, but am feeling so weighted down today.

Of course when you wake up with a headache life really seems bleak for the rest of the day.

Tori had a complete melt down this morning so she is having a mental break. It's hat day at school, she couldn't find a hat that she felt she wouldn't get teased about. We had a nice long talk and she spilled her guts about really not wanting to go to her class.

I'm hoping, that we have got her transferred by the end of the week. She just can't handle the kids or the teacher anymore.

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Aprilyn said...

My son came home from Crazy Hair day very upset. I did his hair like Wolverine and he thought it looked awesome when he left for school. I guess the kids at school kept calling him Wolverine and he said it got annoying so he asked them to stop. They teased him even more after that. I just don't get why he was upset that they called him Wolverine. I thought that's the "look" we were going for!?