Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jason's New Friend's Jean and Jeane

We had a couple lovely women visit our home from Early Intervention this morning. Jean Dellangelo and Jeane Fowles. They are going to help Jason along his road to speech and interaction.

Jean Dellangelo is the Speech Therapist. She has recommended that we work with a program called The Play Project. It will be a lot of "work", but mainly it's just structured play time with Jason. During her visits she will be video taping us and our interaction with Jason, that way we can see the progress that is happening. Sometimes any progress that we see helps you to continue the work. She will also help us with some ideas on how to help Jason improve. She will then give us a report on her visit and any feedback that she might have.

This is the handout she gave us this week about Jason's view of the world. He is between Comfort Zone and Sensory Motor Play. You can pull him out of "Jason's World", when you physically play with him. For example: Tickling, moving his legs, throwing him in the air, getting him jumping, running, swinging.

Jean also gave us some suggestions about Jason's attachment to his bottle. Jason chews on his bottle more then drinking out of it a lot of the time. So we are going to get some beef jerky, and some licorice and see if maybe he just likes the chewiness of the nipple and wants that sensation.

Jeane Fowles is going to help us as well. I believe she is a Behavioral Therapist. She will be possibly bringing the Occupational Therapist next visit so that he can see Jason and evaluate him personally. Jeane, again, seems like she really has an attachment to my baby boy. She is so sweet and wants to help my family in any way possible.

We'll see how much structure is making it's way into our life.

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