Sunday, October 25, 2009

Child family Halloween party

Tonight was the Annual Child Family Halloween Party. It was a lot of fun. Duncan went all out this year and even wanted to make some "Candy". We made some Crystallized Pineapple. It turned out pretty well. The kids were so cute in there costumes, and were just loving being with the cousins.

Duncan thinks he's so bad in his DEATH costume.

Tori had to bring a broom for her Witch costume, even if it is white and yellow.

Samantha loves the Kitty costume, and she really likes the leg warmers.

Jason HATES his costume and wants the hat off as soon as it's on. He's darn cute though. He really didn't want to have anything to do with the crowd at my sisters house. He wanted to mainly be left alone.

My Dad came in the back door to scare the kids. I think the only one who was genuinely scared was Jason. At least for this taping. The little ones didn't really like the "Mean Monkey".

Chad came up with a great new game. The Human Pinata. Give the kids bats, the adults silly string, and a couple of the adults get the candy. The kids chase the adults and hit them with bats and then the adults throw candy as needed. I'm not sure it will catch on, but my kids thought it was AWESOME!!

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