Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tori's Surgery

On May 24th we had to head on in to the Moran for Tori to have another surgery.  This time it was to take the buckle out and stitch her up.  She of course is a stud!  So she was totally calm.  Outwardly....

 We got her all dressed up and ready to go.  I think we've had this same picture a few times.  They dialated her eye so many times it was huge!
 My favorite of course is when they sign the one that needs to be worked on.  Really??  The sad thing Great Grandma had the WRONG leg amputated, so I do actually appreciate this.
 Dr. Bernstein removed the buckle stitched her up and was out of there in like 25 minutes.  It took longer to put her to sleep than it did to remove the thing.  I should have kept it but it was just a tiny "elastic" in a jar after that.  Tori never wakes up very happy.  She really wanted her I.V. out.  She kept telling me her hand hurt, but I thought she was saying her head hurt.  I might need a hearing aid.
 As you can see....she wasn't very happy about pictures.
 She went home, ate a little, and than went to sleep.  She's my tough kid.
 The next morning, we ran back up to moran to have the patch removed and have Dr. Bernstein have a look at her.  She was more than excited to get her patch off.
 This is what it looked like after.  Much better if I do say so myself.

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