Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Birthday

My Birthday I had off work, thank goodness.  It ended up being really busy with appointments.

This is how I woke up though.  Even though I hate the full bed at night, I love my snuggle bug.  

 I then had to go to the Cardiologist.  That was when I found out most of what was going on with me.

After that I took the kids to the dentist.  I love there little cubby hole in their office.  I would love to have a glass enclosure for Jason at home.

Duncan had some cavities and was given a stern talking to about taking care of his teeth.
Tori had no cavities.  The dentist was surprised to see her in braces.

Samantha had a small cavity that needed to be filled as well, but her teeth for the most part were good.

My sweet Mom wanted to make sure I had a Birthday.  As we've gotten older and crazier parents don't need Birthday parties.  She got me a cake and we went and hung out.
We hung outside in the cool evening.  My Dad loves to torment his silly dog.  Although the dog loves this game more than my Dad.

Jason wanted in on the fun.  My Dad didn't quite expect this.  How could Gus be having so much fun without Jason wanting to join in the water game?

My sweet Tori puts up with Jason a lot.

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