Friday, July 20, 2012

Tori's Follow Up July 3rd

Tori had a follow up appt with Dr. Bernstein.  It had been a month since her surgery so we were expecting just a regular appt.  It was crazy Busy!!  We waited forever.  I always expect to spend the day waiting for these appts. but usually I'm pleasantly surprised and they get over quickly.  Not today.  It took about 2 hours just to get in to see Dr. Bernstein.

Tori was so tired of me taking pictures at this point she could hardly stand it.  I was bored so I played with my phone.  =)

When Dr. Bernstein came into the office, I expected it to be almost over.  He looked at Tori's eye where the stitches had been and said that it wasn't a problem, and it would finish healing on it's own.  I had been concerned because it looked like her stitches had dissolved before it finished healing.  Then he checked her Retina's.  Her right eye was great.  Then he looked at her left.  "Up, right, down, left......down again,......left again......down again......" This is where I texted Brett with the "Oh Crap!" text.  I knew that when he keeps looking there might be a problem.  Then he said, "I'm going to sit you back and take a closer look."  My heart sank.  

Tori had some fluid building behind her retina.  That of course is bad.  He said she had to have it lazed and she had to have it lazed today.  We went out to the waiting room for insurance to approve the surgery.  Yes.....another surgery for Tori.  We waited a while and then Dr. Bernstein came out and said that he was going to go get lunch.  I was happy with that.  I don't like the idea of a shaky surgeon working on my babies eye.  We waited some more.  When he got back from eating which I think was about 20-30 minutes insurance still hadn't gotten back with the staff.  He said, "It doesn't matter if insurance approves it or not.  This has to be done right now so get me a room ready." heart jumped into my feet.  My poor baby has been through so much already.  I hate that she has to keep this going.
We got to the laser room and we sat down to wait for Dr. Bernstein, again.  Tori was really nervous.   She hasn't ever been awake for the lazing.  The only time she's had this done was with her first surgery and she was under anesthesia.  They handed me some lovely glasses so that I didn't get a stray laser in the eyes.  I started posing and taking pictures to try and make Tori relax and giggle.  It worked for a few minutes.

Dr. Bernstein finally came in and said that it was going to feel a little uncomfortable.  So I sat in the chair behind him and took a few pictures.  He actually put a lens on her eyeball to focus the beam.  Right on her eyeball.  I know that those who have had this done before won't be surprised, but how weird that must have felt.  She got about half way done with the lasing and she started to cringe.  She was trying to hard to keep her face in the stabilizer, but it was starting to hurt.  Dr. Bernstein said, "Try to sit still, you're giving me a moving target."  So I got up and took her hand.  She started to cry.  Quite hard actually.  It hurt a lot, I could tell.  He asked me to hold her head still, and I complied.  She cried and cried.  However, my brave tough little girl didn't actually try and move.  She kept her head right there.  All I can say is I have one brave little thing.
 We will be returning to the moran tomorrow to find out what is going on next.  Keep your fingers crossed for my little thing that there won't be anymore lazing tomorrow.

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