Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Camps

I just got the pictures from the kids summer camps.  I got Duncan's from Facebook, and the girls from UFBVI flickr account.  

Duncan went to Camp Loll not to far from the Tetons.  They said he behaved and he got home safely so I guess that's a plus.

Tori went to UFB expanded core camp.  She called me every night and told me how much fun she had.  She was so sweet and asked every night how my Grandpa was doing.  We did have to go pick him up for the funeral so that was a downer, but she had fun while she was there.

Sam went to the younger version of UFB expanded core camp.  She also had fun, and called every night to tell us the exploits of the day.  She called one night twice, once to tell us how much fun she had, and the next to tell us that she had fallen while roller skating and her arm hurt.  I figured since she had forgotten all about it on the first phone call, that she was fine.  I was wrong..she was broken.  We had to pick her up to get her xrayed but she insisted on going back.

The girls both went to UFB outdoor camp.  They were only gone for a couple of days, but they both came home with lots of fun stories.  Thanks UFBVI for taking my girls on some fun adventures.

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