Wednesday, July 18, 2012

May 31st

I had 3 appts for the kids on the 31st.  Duncan, Sam, and Jason.  They were just follow up/well-checks.  Duncan needed to have a physical so that he could go  to Scout Camp.

While I was waiting for the appt to start my heart started racing 900 miles/minute.  This is nothing new.  I've had these heart palpitations? for years now.  I've had it looked at and it's just usually a "hick-up" of the heart.    The problem is I was EXHAUSTED!  I started sweating and than the rest of the day I was out.

Lisa, the kids practitioner, finally got into look at the kids and I told her about what had happened.  She wanted me to see a Cardiologist right away.  I decided to go to my family doctor and she checked a few things but agreed that I needed to see one.  My blood pressure was 154/94?

My Grandparents have been seeing one particular doctor for years.  My Mother says that he kept my Grandpa going for years.  He's always yelling at my Grandmother for not moving, so she likes how this guy works.  He doesn't prescribe medicine without it being absolutely necessary.

Because Mom was so persistent I went ahead and made an appointment with Dr. West.  It took a few weeks to get into him, but he seems to be what I need.

I wanted to make sure that my heart wasn't going to explode if I went to the Gym, so I waited on that strong of activity.  The first appointment I had he was heading out the door for an emergency call.  Some people get annoyed at this but I like the fact that if there was an emergency my doctor would show up.  Makes sense to me.  If I wasn't so young I don't think he would have worried about me.  They quickly took my blood pressure told him that I was Norma and Judd's granddaughter and then he went ahead and prescribed me some blood pressure meds.  I then had to wait for another appointment.

The following tuesday I saw him.  He of course had a few things to say about my weight.  He looked at my blood work and said everything looked ok there.  I just needed to lose weight and keep taking those pills.  We had a good talk about children on the spectrum, and if I hadn't already lost 25 lbs he probably would have beat me aibout the head and neck.

The following appointment was a month later.  He checked some more blood work and let me know that my cholesterol was high....surprise....surprise....I need to adjust my diet, and lose weight.  He was sweet though.  He put his arm around me and said "You know the saying Doctor Heal Thyself? You've got to be able to take care of those kids."  Nice guy....he must actually like what he does.

I get to go back in three months.  I also have to remember to take my blood pressure.  I forget now that I'm feeling better.  "Mother Heal Thyself".

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