Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saturday is a Special Day

Saturday's are always insane.  This particular Saturday the girls, had Activity Days with the Stake.
The had so much fun that I had a hard time finding them in the Stake building.
Their favorite part of it was making sock puppets.  I think they are pretty cute.

That morning Brett noticed that the ceiling of Jason's room was leaking.  The swamp cooler is right next to his room, so Brett climbed up in the roof to find the leak.  I figured these are things that Duncan needs to learn so he got to climb up in the attic with his Dad.

 Brett couldn't find a leak, and was thinking that it was an over flow problem.  So we went about our usual Saturday activities, shopping.  We did our grocery shopping and Jason came with us.  I think we were just late enough getting to Costco that it was a bit overwhelming for my boy.  He started flapping and screaming. Not upset, just doing it.  So Brett threw him over his shoulders so he wouldn't run off.  This is how he looked.  We did get a few stares, but that is normal for us now.

I had some make-up work to do, so I worked until late.  This is what I came into. Huh......This is what I usually come into.  No where for me to sleep.  

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