Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Memorial Day

As always we spent Memorial Day morning at Hogan Park for Breakfast.  Jason wasn't ready to get up.  I wrapped him in a blanket and put him in the wagon.  It was pretty cute.
The kids decided they wanted free pancakes and rode their bikes in the 5k.  Samantha was the first one across the finish line.  She said, "Mom...I only crashed twice."  For anyone that had my daughter run into them, I apologize!  My sweet Uncle Kent was there for both of them.  He helped her up, and dried her tears.  
Duncan had to put flags out with the Scouts so he didn't think he would make it, but was able to get done and grab his bike.  He came in second, of our kids.
It felt like FOREVER when I finally saw Tori.  She had found a friend in the crowd but she was walking it.  So Tori rode next to her.  However, she insisted that Duncan and Samantha had left her.  I advised her it was a race.  Even if it was a fun run.
Brett was asked (again) to be in the Woods Cross City Men's Choir.  This is the first time he's actually gone.  They did really well.  It was quite moving.

The rest of the day was spent working on sprinklers and swimming.  Brett looks so happy to have me take a picture...doesn't he?

This is how we got out the door.  Jason was having fun climbing on everything.
I was sitting in the shade to support my sweet husband.  I was the "turn on the sprinklers now" assistant.  

Than we went to the In-Laws and went swimming for the first time.  The water was FREEZING, so I didn't get in.  I just took pictures.  Brett was a trooper and was the only adult that got in the water.

More to come!  I'm going to get on top of my blog if it kills me!!!

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